It is renting your apartment to a quality clientele exclusively foreign and professional (Companies and Expatriates) as part of a Civil Code lease, Second Residence Lease, Company Lease, Company Lease and also in Mobility Lease for professional mission for rentals from 1 month to 3 years.

Hospitality is at the heart of our mission. Hospitality is the basis of any human relationship, we attach great importance to the art of receiving and communicating to create exceptional moments. Our priority is to meet your expectations, exceed them and solve any problems. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

Our agency offers you to rent a selection of luxury apartments and exceptional properties in Paris

2.Why entrust your furnished apartment rental to A1 REAL ESTATE?

Our real estate agency offers you a rental (furnished rental paris) of your furnished apartment in Paris for temporary or long-term rental in Civil Code Lease, Second Residence Lease, Company Lease and Mobility Lease for foreign, expatriate and professional customers.

We check each furnished apartment for rent rigorously according to our criteria during a visit, we prepare the staging of your apartment with our professional interior design photographer and we offer you one of the best visibility and marketing of your apartment in Paris on +100 portals worldwide and via our 500 professional partners in France and internationally.

Choosing us for the furnished rental of your apartment in Paris is to choose a real professional real estate agency experienced mastering the aspects of temporary or long-term rental of furnished apartments in Paris and to rent mainly to quality tenants in Mobility Lease, Civil Code Lease, second home, Company Lease or company housing.

3. What is furnished rentals?

As a reminder, according to Decree No. 2015-981 of 31/07/2015, we call furnished rental, the provision of a furnished home that includes all the furniture elements essential for normal occupation. 
In Paris, you will find furnished accommodation in main residence, second home (civil code lease), temporary rentals (mobility lease) and business and commercial rentals (civil code lease).

Most landlords require furnished rental guarantees, such as deposit, selection of a guarantor, Visal guarantee, etc.

> The guide to furnished rentals

4. Advantages and disadvantages of furnished rentals?

The furnished rental brings advantages to the tenant, as well as to the owner: 
  • The fixed rent may be higher due to the additional benefits
  • The furnished makes it possible to stand out from the competition
  • The furnished rental lease is more flexible, flexible so less risk in case of unpaid rents
  • Taxation is more advantageous (tax allowance, deductible expenses, etc.)
  • A higher security deposit : in furnished rentals, the security deposit can be equivalent to two months' rent (excluding charges). As housing is more equipped, the risk of deterioration is greater
  • Between two rentals, it is possible to go from an empty (bare) rental to a furnished rental

Be careful though, furnished rentals can also bring some risks and disadvantages: 
  • As rental terms are shorter, tenant turnover is higher
  • Rental vacancies are sometimes more frequent between two tenants
  • Furniture and equipment must be maintained and regularly renewed (higher initial investment)
  • This can lead to a greater risk of deterioration.

> The advantages of furnished rentals

5.What taxation for furnished rentals? 

The income resulting from the furnished rental of which you are the owner-lessor, as well as that which comes from a potential sublease, are subject to income tax in the category of industrial and commercial profits (BIC).

Most of the time, renters opt for the micro BIC regime, out of simplicity or ignorance of the simplified real regime.

1. The micro BIC scheme
It is requested to mention the gross receipts (professional furnished rentals) 
A flat-rate allowance of 50% is directly and automatically applied.

2. The real regime
All charges can be deducted.  
It is requested to report the tax result determined on the declaration n ° 2031 filed:
> if you have only one furnished rental property, to the Business Tax Service (SIE) on which the furnished property depends, or,
> if you have several properties, to the SIE on which your most important furnished accommodation depends.

> Professional furnished rentals
> Non-professional furnished rentals
> The Guide to Taxation

6.Which furnished rental contract?

Our real estate agency offers you a rental of your furnished apartment in Paris for temporary or long-term rental in Civil Code Lease, Second Residence Lease, Company Lease and Mobility Lease for foreign, expatriate and professional customers.

> The mobility lease is intended for people who live temporarily in Paris and who need mobility (internship, apprenticeship, professional transfer, etc.).
> A Civil Code lease is a lease for a staff dwelling and a secondary residence of the tenant. This type of lease is commonly used for properties considered "atypical" with a beautiful view, a large balcony, a large area, etc.
>For those who are not eligible for the mobility lease, there is always the secondary residence lease.

> What are the types of leases for furnished rentals in Paris?

7.What furniture in a furnished rental?

A furnished accommodation must include at least:
  • Bedding (bed or sofa bed) with duvet or blanket
  • Device concealing windows in rooms (shutters or thick curtains) 
  • Hobs (built-in or separate)
  • Oven or microwave oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer or freezer compartment of the refrigerator with a maximum temperature of -6°
  • Sufficient number of dishes for occupants to take meals (plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.)
  • Kitchen utensils (pots, pans, etc.)
  • Table
  • Seats
  • Storage shelves
  • Light fixtures
  • Housekeeping equipment adapted to the characteristics of the accommodation (vacuum cleaner if there is carpet, broom and mop for tiles ...)

The judge may decide to reclassify the rental contract of a furnished dwelling as an empty rental contract, in case of non-compliance with the list.

> What is the list of mandatory equipment for a furnished rental?

8.What are the obligations for furnished rentals?

When renting your home, the landlord has obligations towards the tenant: decent housing, ensuring tranquility, transmitting rent receipts, carrying out repairs and major work, etc.

By definition, the owner-lessor is an owner and a lessor, contractually bound vis-à-vis the tenant.

The landlord must: provide decent housing, guarantee the tenant full and peaceful enjoyment of the dwelling, provide all necessary documents to the tenant and carry out work 

The landlord has the right to: collect the rent, require a security deposit and a deposit, obtain a certificate of insurance and access the accommodation for work

> What are the obligations of the landlord?

9.What is seasonal (or tourist) furnished rentals?

According to the Tourism Code, seasonal rentals correspond to "furnished villas, apartments, or studios, for the exclusive use of the tenant, offered for rent to a transient clientele who makes a stay characterized by a rental by the day, week or month, and who does not elect domicile there".

It can be the rental of a main residence or second home. Most of the time, this type of rental is concluded:
  • through a real estate agency
  • from individual to individual
  • via rental platforms such as Airbnb

If your accommodation is your main residence, you can rent it as a short-term furnished accommodation within the limit of 120 days per year, after filing a declaration of furnished tourism online.

The contract must mention:
  • the rental price and payment terms (including deposit or deposit). 
  • the estimated amount of the tourist tax. When the accommodation is rented via an online booking site, the tourist tax is collected directly by the website which transfers it to the municipality concerned.
  • The contract must indicate the consequences of cancelling a reservation.
  • The rules concerning the security deposit and the inventory of fixtures.

> The guide to seasonal rentals
> Furnished tourist accommodation: the steps to follow to rent your property in Paris for a short period of time

10.Supervision of rents for furnished rentals

In Paris, the rent of a dwelling whose lease has been signed or renewed since July 1, 2019 is governed by reference rents
These amounts vary according to the type of rental (empty or furnished), the number of rooms and the time of construction of the property.
> Some furnished dwellings are not affected by rent control because they are subject to other rules. These are furnished housing under Civil Code lease (second home or company housing), housing subject to the law of 1948, or approved by Anah (excluding intermediate rent agreements), social housing (HLM), furnished tourism and sublets are excluded.

The lower reference rents, reference rents and increased reference rents are calculated according to the price per square meter of living space.
To comply with the rent control, the rent requested (excluding charges) must be between the reference rent plus 20% and the reference rent minus 30%.
This concerns first leases, changes of tenants and lease renewals. Rent control has applied in Paris since 1 July 2019.
> The rent control applies only to rental contracts in mainresidence, empty or furnished, subject to the law of 89.
To avoid rent control, it is possible to: 
Contact us for an analysis of your situation and your accommodation, to determine which type of rental will best suit your needs.

> Rent control

11.What is the minimum duration for furnished rentals?

A classic furnished rental with a minimum duration of 12 months and 9 months for students. No contract existed to miss the need between seasonal rental and long-term furnished rental. This is why the mobility lease was born, which makes it possible to offer landlords an alternative. 

The mobility lease is a lease proposed by landlords intended for the temporary rental of accommodation for a period ranging from 1 month to 10 months. This mainly concerns people with a need for mobility, including students, professional transfers and professional missions. 

> Types of furnished leases 
> Guide to furnished rentals

  • Empty rental is the rental of a dwelling without furniture. The minimum duration of the lease is 3 years, it is also possible to extend the rental contract for a period of 6 years, and 9 years.
  • The furnished rental is the provision of a furnished house that includes all the furniture elements essential for normal occupation
  • Unlike furnished rentals which require time to perform the current tasks of rental management of the property, naked rental sees the tasks be reduced (for example: tenants succeed each other less often, the inventory of fixtures of entry and exit are less)

13.What are the clauses present in the furnished rental lease? 

  • Name and address of owner
  • Name and name of tenant
  • Full description of the accommodation
  • Living area
  • Enumeration of common areas
  • Destination, use (residential, mixed, professional)
  • Amount of rent
  • Terms of rent payment
  • Amount and date of last rent paid
  • Amount of the security deposit
  • Nature and amount of work carried out

14.What are the prohibited clauses in the furnished rental lease?

  • Require the tenant to take out home insurance with an insurance company chosen by the owner
  • For the sale or rental of the dwelling, oblige the tenant to let the dwelling be visited on public holidays or more than two hours (per day) on other working days
  • Impose direct debit
  • Provide for the termination of the lease for reasons other than non-payment of rent, utilities, security deposit
  • Prohibit the tenant from exercising an associative, confessional, trade union or political activity
  • Prohibit the tenant from housing people
  • Impose on the tenant a shipping fee for the receipt
  • Require the tenant to subscribe to an equipment rental contract
  • Prohibit the tenant from claiming compensation for work lasting more than 21 days
  • Provide penalties in the event of the tenant's failure to comply with the terms of the contract
  • Provide that the tenant is directly and automatically responsible for the damage observed

Have a question?

What Documents Do You Need to Provide to Rent A Furnished Property?
The lease (or rental agreement) lists the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant. This also includes what the prospective tenant has to show the landlord upon applying for tenancy. If the rented property serves as the tenant's principal residence, the lease must comply with the rules.

Important Link: The Rental Guide - Tenants
How Much is The Agency Fee?
Agency fees correspond to the fees to the real estate agent upon completion of the real estate project. The price is stated on the sales mandate. It frequently costs between 3 and 10% of the price of the property. 

Important Link: Our Scale
How to find a furnished rental in Paris?
Planning to stay in Paris for a while? Not only do we offer some of the most luxurious rentals in the French capital, but the rental process is quite easy.

In Paris, you will find furnished accommodation in main residence (classic lease), second home (civil code lease), temporary rentals (mobility lease) and corporate and commercial rentals (civil code lease). Read more
What are the rights and prohibitions of the tenant?
Renting a furnished property comes with duties and obligations. In addition to respecting the premises, the tenant undertakes to enjoy the property peacefully and to follow the rules set by the owner/landlord, as imposed by a legal framework.

Important Link: What are The Rights and Prohibitions of The Tenant?
I want to rent furnished, what is the amount of the deposit?
The security deposit is a sum of money paid by the tenant upon signing the lease. It is kept by the owner/landlord for the duration of the lease. At the end of the lease term, it is either returned to the tenant or kept partially or totally to cover any damage.

The amount of the security deposit must be included in the rental agreement. It cannot be greater than:
  • 1 month's rent for the rental of an unfurnished rental (excluding rental charges)
  • 2 months' rent for the rental of furnished rental (excluding rental charges)
This necessarily concerns principal residence leases. 

Important Link: Guarantor and Surety

Our Furnished Properties for Rent in Paris : Our extensive list of furnished rentals in Paris includes multiple bedrooms, well-equipped kitchens, great views, and more! 

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