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Sell ​​or rent your property

You can register your property for sale or rent, empty rental or long-term rental in Paris via our web page using the " Owners " tab of the site.

If you own one or more properties that you would like to sell or put into rental management, it is quite possible to call on a real estate agency that will accompany you throughout your project.

Using a real estate agency allows you to benefit from specific procedures such as:

An objective assessment of your property at its fair value
An agent will assess the real value of your property based on its characteristics, condition and location. He will then make an estimate, using real estate tools but also by carrying out comparative market analyses.

Professional services made available such as advice, expert opinions
The agent masters the steps of each real estate process, he will take care of preparing the announcement of your property by taking professional photos, 360° visits, advice for the work, Home staging, in order to enhance your property to the maximum for may it please buyers/tenants in our sector.

Wide distribution of your ads
The announcements of your properties will be shared on sites open to individuals but also on other sites reserved for professionals. Other means other than the professional network may be put in place for this visibility, such as magazines and the site.

Permanent availability
Selling or renting your property takes time, which is why real estate agents are professionals. They are responsible for acting as intermediaries. They will then take care of all the tasks of this project and then you make the decisions following the feedback they will give you.

A safe transaction
The real estate profession is a strictly regulated profession, we follow regular training to update ourselves with the regulations. First of all, we have a perfect knowledge of the regulations on the transaction and the rental of real estate to be respected (administrative procedures and technical diagnoses to be followed). But we also hold a professional card as well as a financial guarantee authorizing us to make rentals and sales. Our real estate experts start by establishing a mandate and can conclude your sale with confidence and security. The real estate agency then allows compliance with these regulations throughout your project.

This support makes it possible to obtain, through real estate agents, a sale price as close as possible to the market price. In addition, it allows precise distribution of ads to other international agents who are part of our network, which tends to quickly find a buyer.

In the case of a rental, this support makes it easier for owners to manage their property (research, choice of tenants, visits, pay slips, deposits, contract renewal, drafting of the lease, inventory).

Entrust us with your property

Entrusting us with a property is a serious responsibility that we take into account. This is why our objective is to satisfy your requests while managing this relationship of trust between each party and supporting you until the end of your projects. Achieving this objective by bringing you our experience as real estate professionals is a real pleasure for us.

A1 Real Estate listens to you and would be delighted to support you for your project.
Global Visibility
Our agency distributes your ads on various international real estate portals, which allows you to benefit from its network and its good visibility on different markets.

A mastery of the processes
Our real estate agents are highly qualified and have a strong experience (more than 15 years) in the field of real estate, so they will know how serious and efficient in the steps to be taken. You will then benefit from real expertise and complete support. (Administrative and legal procedures, estimates, visits, negotiations, signatures)
A trusted team

Our team is human-sized, responsive and efficient. Our goal is to respond to your request and to carry it out seriously, by accompanying you to the end. Our collaborators know each characteristic of your property to carry out a transaction or to present it to its advantages. We provide you with each report so that you can choose the buyer/tenant that suits you.

We are here to provide you with all the useful advice.
"Efficiency, Quality, Trust"
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