What are the steps to sell your property?

  1. Estimate for The Selling Price

As you put your property on the real estate market for sale in Paris, you need to know its value. Only then can you set an initial selling price. And the way to do that is to estimate your property. The price is determined by the square meter of the living space. For the condominiums, it's determined according to the Carrez Law.

The value of the property depends on its location, its quality of construction, its general condition, and its services (i.e. floor, volume, view, parquet, moldings, fireplace, etc.). These elements make it possible to refine the price per square meter as well as possible increases based on the average price observed in the sector.

  1. Renovate The Property

There is still time to repair defective equipment, repaint faded walls, declutter rooms, and more as you put your property on the real estate market. The idea is to highlight all its assets to justify its price and sell it as soon as possible. This is called Home Staging.

This is also the time to prepare all the necessary documents for the sale, such as mandatory real estate diagnostics. The DDT (Technical Diagnostics File) is a vital element as it presents a general idea of the property's best and worst elements. There are a total of 9 diagnoses “diagnostics techniques” needed to complete the DDT file. 
  1. Advertise The Property and Conduct In-Person Visits

High-quality photographs are important to advertise the property on various real estate portals

Since January 1, 2011, the energy and climate labels of the energy performance diagnosis must appear on the announcement. 

Remember to prepare all documents on the condition of the property before any prospective buyer visits. Moreover, prepare to set multiple visits for each buyer interested in your property. 

Editor's Note: A1 Real Estate takes care of everything as part of property management, weather it is for rent or for sale in Paris, including:
  • Performing diagnostics
  • Writing of the ad and distribution on over 120 real estate portals
  • Professional photos and videos
  • Selecting tenant profiles
  • Organization and planning of visits
  • Administrative tasks
  • Guarantees against damage
  • Entry & exit inventories
  • Small jobs & repairs
  • Rental management
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Major work (via our stakeholders)
  • Communicating with the tenant and the condominium

  1. Sign The Sales Agreement

The promise of sale (compromis de vente) is the pre-contract that recalls the sale price, the lots purchased, the surface area, the technical diagnoses, and all the elements related to the property while specifying the terms of purchase (i.e. long sale, conditions precedent, etc.). 

A withdrawal period of 10 days is provided for by law. This period allows the buyer to think before committing to the sake. Withdrawal is still possible after these 10 days but entails the payment of penalties (i.e. payment of agency fees).

It is a commitment where the seller undertakes to sell their property and the buyer undertakes to acquire it.

If it is a promise to sell, then it only binds the seller. In return, the future buyer must pay 10% of the sale price.
  1. Sign The Authentic Deed of Sale

The deed of sale must take the form of an authentic deed drawn up by a notary.

If you use two notaries (one for the seller and another for the buyer), the National Agency for Housing Information (ANIL) indicates that the notaries of the seller and the buyer “share the fees, without the cost being higher.”

At the end of the signing of the deed of sale, the notary will hand over certificates of ownership allowing administrative procedures to begin (i.e. subscription of gas, water, electricity, insurance contract, etc.). 

What are the steps to sell your property with A1 Real Estate?

We here at A1 Real Estate will carefully prepare, organize and monitor each step of the property sale to ensure a successful transaction.

Our support is provided at each stage of the sale, from the valuation of the property, through the constitution of the file, the sales mandate, the technical diagnostics, the marketing, the visits, the negotiations, the offer to purchase, to the signing of the authentic deed at the notary. 
  1. Meet Our Expert/s
  • Valuation of your property
  • Creation of the sales file with the help of the seller's guide
  • Technical diagnostics

  1. Development of The Property

  1. Marketing and Advertising
  • The largest multicast on over 120 platforms in France and abroad
  • Reconciliation with the customer file
  • Dissemination of the property with other real estate agencies

  1. Property Visits and Negotiations

  1. Accompaniment (Completion of The Sale)

What documents can the notary request in the sale of the property?

Since a real estate sale is technically a legal process too, there are a number of required documents that you, as the owner, should provide. 

When selling a house, you must submit: 
  • The deed of ownership of the land
  • the building permit of the house
  • the declarations of completion of the work
  • The certificates of conformity 
  • The ten-year warranty (if the house is less than 10 years old)

For the sale of furnished property, you must submit:
  • A precise list of furniture included as well as their prices (All furniture under warranty must be accompanied by a corresponding invoice. The price of the furniture will be deducted from its final amount by the notary and the notary fees will be reduced).

For the sale of a rental property, you must submit:
  • A copy of the lease and the original of the leave given by the tenant or issued by you will be requested 

The seller should also submit:
  • Documents relating to identity and marital status
  • Title deed and deed of acquisition
  • Architectural plans 
  • Documents relating to the work and modifications that have been carried out on the property (including the building permit and minutes of the general meeting of co-owners), for less than 10 years carried out by the seller himself or by companies (i.e. invoices from companies and materials showing VAT, damage insurance contract, etc.)
  • Mandatory technical diagnostics (Articles L 271-4 to L 271-6 of the CCH)
  • Last tax notice, property tax, and housing tax
  • Documents relating to your mortgage (must also specify if it is a mortgage)
  • If the property is mortgaged, attach the amortization table of the current loan and the details of the bank to be repaid (Loan number – Agency)
  • If it's currently on lease, a copy of the rental agreement

To add more value, you can also provide:
  • Diagnostics invoice
  • Acquisition cost invoice
  • Agency commission invoice
  • Invoice for the work 

If the seller is a company, you must also provide: 
  • Extract K a
  • A copy of the registered and updated articles of association
  • A copy of the minutes of the general meeting that appointed the manager (if not designated in the articles of association)
  • A copy of the minutes of the general meeting that empowered the manager to sell the property concerned 
  • The original copy of the RIB
  • The completed questionnaire “Seller/sale of a condominium lot”

How to properly value your property?

We use technology to analyze the latest real estate sales from the databases of notaries, land value requests, and real estate agencies that are members of our networks. 

Comparative Analysis
Your property is compared with other properties with similar characteristics recently sold on the market to determine its value. The price is determined by the square meter of the living space or according to the Carrez Law for condominiums. 

Qualitative Analysis
The value of your property depends on its location, its quality of construction, its general condition, and its services (i.e. floor, volume, view, parquet, moldings, fireplace, etc.). These elements can refine the price per m2 as well as a possible increase based on the average price observed in the sector.

Rental Value Analysis
The value of the property is determined according to the rents generated by the rental. After comparison with other rentals, a rent per m2 is calculated and serves as a basis for the evaluation of the property. 

Apparent Market Analysis
This analysis is a real-time picture of similar properties competing in your area. You will then have a precise idea of the volume of competing offers and know your positioning in relation to this competition.

What renovations to better sell your property?

Pre-sale work makes it possible to:
  • Find buyers and multiply visits
  • Encourage potential buyers 
  • Trigger a crush and sell faster 
  • Make an added value

The work must make it possible to sell the property as quickly as possible and at the best price.

Kitchen renovation: replace the handles, repaint, change the credenza, and change the worktop.

Floor renovation: It is possible to cover tiles with little cost. The whole thing is to lay flexible floors typical of PVC floors in roll or slats.

Renovation of bathrooms

Solve moisture problems: If it is old water damage or a leak that has been treated, simply redo the finishes 
Energy renovation: wall insulation. Electrical renovation work must meet the NF C15-100 standard. Housing that consumes too much energy reflects a real handicap. This is why the DPE (Energy Performance Diagnosis) is part of the mandatory real estate diagnostics in a real estate sale.   

Paint refresh: Repainting a room in a neutral color allows you to enlarge the space.

Installation of modern (rolling) shutters

Enlargement of rooms: the destruction of partitions

Replacement of joinery, defoaming of roofs


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