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In creating these guides, our goal was to respond to as many requests as possible and to inform you about current and relevant topics. Each guide gives you best practices and things to know to make your project a success. You will also find all the links redirecting you to forms or other official documents if necessary.

The objective of all our guides is to allow you to understand the entire real estate environment, from a technical, legal, informative and financial point of view.

However, if you do not find all the answers to your questions, do not hesitate to consult the FAQ for more information.

Buying, selling or even renting an apartment in Paris is not for all budgets: this is often what we hear about Paris and its arrondissements. 
It is true that this is not a project to be taken lightly, and that for the good conduct of it, it is necessary to take into account all the characteristics and all the parameters that surround an apartment. 

Looking for an apartment in Paris is not an easy task, some arrondissements are more expensive than others, some arrondissements are more family, couple, single, students, corporate companies, and startups. 

Transport, culture, environment, shops, schools are also the elements that you will find in this guide to know every corner of each arrondissement and thus help you choose your Parisian neighborhood or district.

Selling your property in France requires a lot of work. There are different steps in the process, including obtaining an estimate, conducting mandatory surveys, collecting important documents, marketing the location, presenting to potential buyers, accepting an offer to purchase, signing contracts, and paying capital gains tax.

Let this guide walk you through it all step by step. 

Rent your furnished apartment or your pied-à-terre in Paris with confidence to the best candidate profiles tenants finely selected by us.

We highlight your furnished apartment for the success of a rental.

Topics covered in the guide:
  1. How to rent your apartment in Paris
  2. Guarantees
  3. The rental agreement
  4. The relationship with the owner
  5. Set the amount of rent
  6. The state of play
  7. Taxation

Planning to stay in Paris for a while? Not only do we offer some of the most luxurious rentals in the French capital, but the rental process is quite easy.

We explain all the steps in our guide: constitution of the rental file, the rights and prohibitions of the tenant, the questions to think about before entering a rental, how to find a furnished rental in Paris and the guarantees that the owners may require.

The furnished rental guide allows you to know:
  • How to find a furnished rental in Paris,
  • How to build your rental file according to its status,
  • The guarantees requested by the owner of the furnished,
  • The taxation requested in furnished rentals,
  • Why choose furnished rentals rather than empty rentals,
  • What relationship to adopt with the owner-lessor
  • Why choose A1 Real Estate for your furnished accommodation?

A1 Real Estate accompanies you throughout your real estate projects. You have not yet found a pied-à-terre furnished according to your criteria and research? Contact us !
According to the Tourism Code, seasonal rentals correspond to "furnished villas, apartments, or studios, for the exclusive use of the tenant, offered for rent to a transient clientele who makes a stay characterized by a rental by the day, week or month, and who does not elect domicile there".

This can be the rental of your primary residence or your secondary residence.  Seasonal rentals are often designed to:
  • through a real estate agency
  • from individual to individual
  • via rental platforms (example: Airbnb)

This guide provides you with information on the lease to adopt, the regulations necessary to succeed in this project, the advantages of setting up this type of rental, the taxation in seasonal rentals and the guarantees requested.

A1 Real Estate also highlights some tips to prepare your home.
Expatriation is never easy because it is starting from scratch in a new place.

This guide will help you settle in the French capital in a serene way because all the topics that might interest you are:
  • Buying and selling
  • Where to live in Paris
  • Visa and residence permit
  • How do I open a bank account?
  • What taxes do I have to pay in France
  • Employment, schools in Paris
  • Transport in Paris
  • The issue of health
  • As well as any useful links that could guide you on your research.

Do you have any questions, a doubt? You can contact us here.

Do you want to invest in France? Whether you are a resident or non-French resident, A1 Real Estate has set up a guide to real estate taxation that will allow you to have access to all the information you need to set up your real estate projects!

This guide informs you about the real estate capital gain, the particularity of furnished rentals and the taxation to know as an owner!

Are you an owner? A section is now dedicated to you! However, you can check our FAQ at any time if you have any questions or contact us !

What furniture for a furnished rental? Do I have to ask the owner's permission to remove the rented furniture? How to choose the furniture to rent your apartment furnished? Who is responsible for the list of mandatory equipment? We answer it in this guide!


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