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Our real estate concierge

Our team of real estate experts and professionals offers this real estate concierge service to help our clients deal with rental properties.

Our assistance extends to all aspects of the rental process, from administrative procedures to welcoming tenants. This is to ensure complete rental management of your property throughout the rental lease. 

Specifically, our team will offer help and support to cover the following areas: 

1. Tax declaration 
  • Establish balance sheets and establish appropriate insurance.

2. Administrative procedures 
  • Collect rental fees, pay renovation bills, manage mail and deal with telephone operators.

3. Security 
  • Supervision of the installation of surveillance cameras, alarms, or connected cameras.

4. Cleanliness of the premises 
  • Prepare the property for tenants, supervise house staff and provide cleaning and laundry services. 

5. The moving process 
6. Reception of tenants
  • Take care of the check-in and check-out of the tenant and hand over the keys to the property. Implementation of entry and exit inventories

What are the advantages of our real estate concierge?

In addition to the advantages of rental management at A1 Real Estate, you also benefit from:
  • Our advanced technological tools
  • Our team of real estate experts and professionals
  • Our first-hand knowledge and expertise of the luxury real estate market. 

You'll also have less to worry about your property when you rent it. With our permanent support, you have to do almost nothing!
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