Established in 2011 in Paris, France, A1 Real Estate is a real estate agency covering the real estate market in Paris, that is striving to push the luxury real estate market in Paris into the new frontier by emphasing on technology and innovation. We specialize in selling and renting fully-furnished charming apartments and luxury villas throughout Paris, offering high-class flats, apartmentspenthouses, townhouses, luxury villas, and more. 

Our team consists of passionate real estate brokers and agents who are both multilingual and versatile, fully able to cater to all sorts of clients. With our high efficiency, absolute transparency, and open communication, we work hard to give you an easier and more memorable experience in renting and selling your properties. We also take pride in our flexibility and adaptability, which allow us to meet all your needs with no problem at all. 
Additionally, we here at A1 Real Estate Paris aren't just committed to selling and renting your property. We also strive to build a strong, trustworthy, and long relationship with our clients. And for this, we are committed to provide transparency and confidentiality, fair and precise estimates for your property, generate as much contact as possible, and fully support you throughout the entire rental and selling process.

A1 Real Estate Paris is your local experienced and trusted agency that will do the job to manage and rent out your apartment in Paris with full-service property management. You can expect the finest and most trustworthy tenants to stay in your place, especially since they'll come from our list of candidate profiles, carefully selected by our best experts and professionals. Our high-class clientele is made up of international elites, including many French and foreign companies, embassies and consulates, athletes, renowned artists, and the like worldwide. So rest assured that with our help, your property in Paris will be in good hands.

Through our digital platform and other technology, A1 Real Estate Paris will sell your property at the best price and to the best buyer. We will put it on the map, guaranteeing the best market visibility on over 120+ real estate portals and to nearly 500+ professionals around the world. Practically anyone will be able to see your place in full view, thanks in large part to our HD photos and 3D virtual tours. Moreover, we will also work with high efficiency and total transparency throughout the entire process, fulfilling our promise of first-class real estate service. 

Don't know what your property is worth? A1 Real Estate Paris also offers proper and accurate valuations. With the help of our network, our technological tools continuously analyze the real estate market, including the latest sales, notaries, land value requests, and info from other real estate agencies. We will also conduct physical meetings and/or video conferences, all to ensure that our experts will form a detailed, fair, and precise report of the value of your property. The more accurate the estimate, the easier it is to find the right buyers, and the quicker the sale.

Warm Hospitality
Hospitality is at the heart of our mission. It's the basis of any proper real estate relationship and we place great importance on attending to your needs and providing maximum comfort. In this regard, our priority isn't just to meet your expectations, but to exceed them and solve any problems you may encounter. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.
Innovative Technology
We use the latest, innovative technology for our real estate services. From collecting market intelligence to produce an accurate estimate to using digital platforms for effective marketing, as well arranging 3D virtual viewing of your property, we're taking the real estate sales process to the 21st century and beyond. All you have to do is to sit back, relax, and leave the grunt work to us. 
International Marketing
We target an elite international audience made up of prominent investors, professionals, diplomats, artists, athletes, expatriates, and more. Our digital marketing strategy allows us to place your property right in the center of the global real estate market, allowing for the best visibility you could've ever imagined. A lot more potential buyers/tenants will get to see your place on over +120 real estate portals in France and abroad, complete with proper translation in several languages.
Collaborative Real Estate
We collaborate with the best real estate brokers and agents to multiply your opportunities. They include more than 100 member agencies in Paris and over 500 throughout France and other countries. With our help, you won't have to contact several agencies just to rent out or sell your property. Our network allows A1 Real Estate Paris to do that work for you and all you need to do is to stay in contact with us! Less hassle for you, more fun for us!

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