What is A Business Introducer?

A business introducer is not a commercial agent. They are free from obligation to any business they introduce to the people they know. Since they're not an employee, they don't have to follow schedules or go on errands for the company. They don't even have to go to the office too. As long as one has a phone and good wifi, one can be a business introducer. 

Why Would You Want To Be A Business Introducer?

Doing something as simple as introducing a business to those you know can earn you a few extra bucks. You may not be an employee of the companies you connect to people, but since they benefit from your introductions, you get compensated for your contributions. And you can do it on your own terms too!

Becoming a business introducer for us at A1 Real Estate comes with many benefits. Firstly, we will let you take on the reins on your own. You have the freedom to do whatever you want, as long as you introduce our business to as many people, companies, and more as you can. You can choose your own customers, your own schedule, and most importantly, your own commission. 

We here at A1 Real Estate are willing to pay up to 50% of the fees excluding VAT. With the limit of  €10,000.00 per business, you'd still get to earn a pretty penny just by being our business introducer. And you'll get your payment the moment the transaction is concluded by our agency. 

Specific Conditions
You can be a Business Introducer for A1 Real Estate if you are:
  • Of Legal Age
  • Your current employment contract does not have clauses that restrict you from becoming a business introducer

How To Start?
Just contact us about becoming a Business Introducer and we will take care of the rest! 


Simple and Lucrative
Take on the role of business matchmaker, while remaining free and independent

Do you want to explore new avenues of income? Do you have a network of people interested in selling or renting?
Or simply someone you know (friends, family, neighbours, professional relations, etc.) wants to sell or rent their property?

Become a sponsor and accompany us in this new logic!
You can participate in this mission of matchmaker which consists in bringing together the two parties, that is to say owner and real estate agent for a potential signing of a contract.

As a sponsor, you are then obviously paid upon the signing of each contract concretizing a business.
Your mission is to identify prospects and refer them to A1 Real Estate, whatever the property.
You will then transmit the customer contact so that we can contact him. Then, we take care of the progress of the case until the conclusion.
If this case has been successful, thanks to your active approach, you will then benefit from the offer we offer.

Benefit from our advantages such as

The distribution of your ads in more than 60 countries and being part of our network of more than 250 partner agencies
Effective personalized support from our highly qualified experts
Our digital technology, offering the best results such as precise visibility for a complete offer


For the  owner

The offer is beneficial because by entrusting us with your property, when it results in a transaction, you will benefit from our offer worth up to €5,000 on the ALL LUXURY APARTMENTS website.

For the godfather

The offer is beneficial because you link the seller and the agency. You bring us a contact. It is therefore partly thanks to your help that a potential transaction will take place. When this is successful, you will take advantage of our offer.

For us

You propose this offer allows us to respond to your request which will lead to trust between you and us. This offer allows us to have additional contacts and build your loyalty.

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