The deadlines and important stages of a real estate purchase or sale

1. Discover Your Property
Get to know what your home is truly like and how well it would sell in the real estate market.

7. Withdrawal period:
Withdrawal period of the sales agreement for the purchaser (SRU Law).
10 days

2. Return estimate signature mandate:
Rendering estimate, validation of the commercial strategy and signature of sales mandate

8.Dealing with The Financing
If the buyer continues with the sale, they are given time to deal with the financing for their property purchase. This may include getting a mortgage, applying for a bank loan, etc.

3. Marketing Your Property
Implementing a dedicated marketing strategy that can get your property out there. This includes getting featured on property portals, setting up a 3D virtual tour, etc.

9. Getting The Go Signal from The Bank
Once the loan is approved, you'll have to wait for 45 days until the loan is validated and given to the buyer. Only then can you continue with the final steps of the sale. 

4. Selecting The Buyer
Choosing the right buyer from a list of interested parties. This is followed by setting up appointments when they can visit the place in person.

10. Lifting The Conditions
Upon confirmation of the purchase and payment, the conditions set in the promise of sale are lifted and final contracts are then signed.

5. Negotiation and validation of the offer to purchase: 
Negotiation of sale at the best price and validation of the written and signed offer to purchase

11. Reviewing The Property and Paperwork
Before the final step of the sale, both parties need to review all the paperwork and get them notarized.

6. Compromise or Promise to Sell:
Preparation and appointment to sign the sales agreement or promise of sale at the notary

12. Signing The Deed of Sale
The final deed of sale is signed by both parties and, upon notarization, effectively completes the sale of the property.

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