Rent your furnished apartment or your pied-à-terre in Paris with confidence to the best candidate profiles tenants finely selected by us.

We highlight your furnished apartment for the success of a rental.

1. We write and publish the ad on +100 real estate portals worldwide,
2. We carry out the visits,
3. We check candidate profiles and their files,
4. We offer you a clientele only professional and foreign, renting mainly in mobility lease, civil code lease, second home or staff housing,
5. We draft the lease and carry out the inventory with many photos,
6. Your furnished apartment rental is available in real time on your customer area. 

How to rent your apartment in Paris?

In Paris, l your furnished apartment or your pied-à-terre with confidence to the best candidate profiles tenants finely selected by us.

Our clientele includes many French and foreign companies , expatriates, embassies and consulates, diplomats, athletes,    renowned artists and an international elite for rentals in main residence (classic lease), in secondary residence (civil code lease), temporary rentals (mobility lease) and corporate and commercial rentals (civil code lease).

A1 Real Estate verifies each furnished apartment rigorously according to our criteria during a visit. A1 Real Estate prepares the staging of your apartment with our professional interior design photographer.

Finally, we offer you one of the best visibility and marketing of your apartment in Paris on +100 portals worldwide and via our 500 professional partners in France and abroad. 

The ALUR law of 2014 gives municipalities the possibility of requiring the rental permit from landlords who rent via rental contracts of main residence, empty or furnished. Only dwellings whose lease is subject to the law of 6 July 1989 at the time of the first rental or when the property is put back on the market, are covered.

If you want to rent your furnished apartment, contact us.

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What guarantees can be requested from the tenant?

It is very common to ask for financial guarantees, the choice of a guarantor, from a tenant.

A1 Real Estate takes into account all the provisions in order to carefully choose the best files and profiles. These files are eligible with guarantee organizations, rental guarantors such as our partner garantme.fr, in order to eliminate all risks of non-payment.

This can be:
  • Check that the income of tenants is 3 times higher than the amount of rent
  • Ask the tenant for payment in advance
  • Ask the tenant to have a physical guarantor (family members, friends, third parties), moral guarantor (companies, banks or associations) or with a surety organization 
  • Call on your bank to obtain a bank guarantee
  • Ask for a security deposit: The security deposit is a sum of money paid at the signing of the lease.  It is kept by the lessor for the duration of the lease. At the end of the lease, it is either returned to the tenant or kept partially or totally to cover any damage.

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Which furnished rental contract?

The lease (or rental agreement) lists the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant. If the rented dwelling serves as the tenant's principal residence, the lease must comply with the rules.

If the rented dwelling serves as the tenant's principal residence, the lease concluded must comply with the rules of the Alur Law.

In the tenant's second home, these are agreements between owner and tenant, it is the civil code lease.

There are actually five main rental contracts: the principal residence lease, the mobility lease, the secondary residence lease, the   civil code lease and seasonal rental.

 > The different types of leases

What is rent control for furnished rentals?

The lower reference rents, reference rents and increased reference rents are calculated according to the price per square meter of living space. This area is identical to the area indicated in all rental leases corresponding to a principal residence of the tenant. 

In secondary residence, there is no rent control (civil code lease). Indeed, the Civil Code lease corresponds to people who wish to rent a second home, a pied-à-terre, but it can also correspond to companies who wish to rent for one of its employees, or for corporate use as part of a company housing. 

In main residence, and in tense areas including Paris, the amount of rents are regulated. However, it is allowed to have a rent supplement that can justify a higher rent.

 > What surface area should be considered?
 > How to calculate the rental yield?

What taxation for furnished rentals?

It is important to remember that renting an apartment in Paris also includes taxes to pay.

The most important of these is the real estate capital gain. This is taxed on the income you receive via the rent paid by the tenant.

The income resulting from the furnished rental of which you are the owner-lessor, as well as that which comes from a potential sublease, are subject to income tax in the category of industrial and commercial profits (BIC).

Furnished rental, even if it is practiced by a non-professional, constitutes a commercial activity. Most of the time, renters opt for the micro BIC regime, out of simplicity or ignorance of the simplified real regime.

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How does the inventory work?

The inventory is an important step in the rental of a property and its management.

There are several possibilities on the person who can perform this act. It is done at the entrance (when the tenant arrives) and at his exit.
The inventory is attached to the lease.

It then makes it possible to verify that all the elements in the contract are present as well as the quality and appearance of the goods made available.

What security deposit is required?

The security deposit is a sum of money paid at the signing of the lease. You will have to keep it for the duration of the rental. At the end of the lease, it is either returned to the tenant or kept partially or totally to cover any damage.

> The amount of the security deposit must be included in the rental agreement. It cannot be greater than:
● 1 month's rent for the rental of an empty dwelling excluding rental charges
● 2 months' rent for the rental of furnished accommodation excluding rental charges
This necessarily concerns principal residences.

The ALUR law of 24 March 2014 regulates the deadlines for returning the security deposit The tenant can recover his deposit within a period of:
 ● 1 month maximum if the outgoing inventory is identical to the incoming inventory,
 ● 2 months maximum if the outgoing inventory is different from the incoming inventory.

Please note :
If you do not return the security deposit within the stipulated time, he must pay late interest to the tenant.
The amount of the security deposit to be returned to the tenant is increased by an amount equal to 10 % of the monthly rent (excluding charges) for each month of delay started

As a result, the security deposit does not replace the last rent.

A tenant who deducts the amount of the security deposit from the last rent cannot obtain a rent receipt.

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Why choose A1 Real Estate?

A1 Real Estate offers a combination of professional expertise, technological know-how and years of experience to ensure you sell or rent your property in the best and most efficient way. 

All team members will accompany you throughout the process!

We highlight your furnished apartment for the success of a rental. Our tasks are to:
  1. Writing and publishing ads on over 100+ real estate portals worldwide
  2. Planning and conducting in-person visits
  3. Verification of profiles and rental records of potential prospective tenants
  4. Establishment of a mobility lease, a civil lease, a secondary residence lease or a principal residence lease
  5. Realization of the inventory with photos


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