1. Find a furnished rental in Paris

Planning to stay in Paris for a while? Not only do we offer some of the most luxurious rentals in the French capital, but the rental process is quite easy.

In Paris, you will find furnished accommodation in main residence (classic lease), second home (civil code lease), temporary rentals (mobility lease) and corporate and commercial rentals (civil code lease).

You have not yet found a pied-à-terre furnished according to your criteria and research? Contact us !

Some useful links:
 > Constitute a rental file (auto entrepreneur)
 > Build a rental file (student)
 > Establish a rental file (unmarried couple)
 > Advantages and disadvantages of furnished and unfurnished rentals
 > Who is affected by the rental permit?
 > How do I rent an apartment through A1 Real Estate?
 > Subletting
 > Coliving
 > Roommates
 > Empty or furnished rental?

2. The rental agreement

The lease (or rental agreement) lists the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant. If the rented dwelling serves as the tenant's principal residence, the lease must comply with the rules.

 > Advantages and disadvantages of furnished and unfurnished rentals
 > Taxation in furnished rentals for non-residents
 > Determine the profitability of a rental investment
 > The tax regime for furnished rentals
 > The different types of leases
 > the mobility lease
 > The Civil Code Lease

3. Guarantees

Most homeowners require guarantees, such as deposit, choice of guarantor, Visal guarantee, etc.

Finding a guarantor is not mandatory but almost systematically requested by the owner in rental files. If your income is 3 times higher than the amount of rent, you will not need to call on a guarantor, proof of income will suffice.

 > All about guarantors
 > How long does it take to return the deposit?
 > What is the difference between the deposit and the security deposit?
 > What to do in case of non-payment?
 > Unpaid rent: a new measure in favour of landlords
 > Comprehensive home insurance

5. The relationship with the owner

The key to a good understanding between a tenant and his landlord is the respect of certain rules. 

While the owner must make available to his tenant a decent property, in perfect condition of use and ensuring security conditions, the tenant must respect his commitments by paying his rent on time and maintaining the property entrusted to him.

 > Mandatory diagnostics
 > Who can carry out the inventory?
 > The state of play
 > Notice period
 > What permissions should the owner ask for?
 > What are the rights and prohibitions of the tenant?
 > Repairs at the expense of the tenant
 > Repairs at the expense of the owner
 > Rental management
> Mandates in real estate

6. Why choose us?

Rent your furnished apartment or your pied-à-terre in Paris with confidence to the best candidate profiles tenants finely selected by us.

We highlight your furnished apartment for the success of a rental.

1. We write and publish the ad on +100 real estate portals worldwide,
2. We carry out the visits,
3. We check candidate profiles and their files,
4. We offer you a clientele only professional and foreign, renting mainly in mobility lease, civil code lease, second home or staff housing,
5. We draft the lease and carry out the inventory with many photos,
6. Your furnished apartment rental is available in real time on your customer area. 


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