What is the list of mandatory equipment for a furnished rental?

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What is the list of mandatory equipment for a furnished rental?

To be considered furnished property in France, the place must contain certain furniture. The list of these mandatory furniture depends on the date of signature of the lease; whether it was drafted and signed before or after September 1, 2015.

What is the list of mandatory equipment since 1 September 2015?

A furnished property in France must include at least:
  • Bedding (bed or sofa bed) with duvet and/or blanket
  • Device concealing windows in rooms (shutters or thick curtains) 
  • Hobs (built-in or separate)
  • Oven or microwave oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer or freezer compartment of the refrigerator (with a maximum temperature of -6°)
  • Sufficient number of dishes for occupants to take meals (i.e. plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.)
  • Kitchen utensils (i.e. pots, pans, etc.)
  • Table
  • Seats
  • Storage shelves
  • Light fixtures
  • Housekeeping equipment adapted to the characteristics of the accommodation (i.e. vacuum cleaner if there is carpet, broom and mop for tiles)

In the event of non-compliance with this list., the judge may decide to reclassify the rental contract as a furnished property to an unfurnished property.

Note, for the attention of the owners : A1 Real Estate takes care of everything down to the smallest detail. Do not buy linens, let us provide it, it avoids worries of damaged or stained linen. Thanks to our partner Elis, we offer cotton satin linen. Because the comfort of our customers goes through the choice of quality bed linen thus conferring softness and well-being.

What to do in the event of a dispute, in the event of a disagreement concerning liability (in the context of a classic rental contract and a mobility lease)?

  1. Registered mail
  • If you are unable to speak to your landlord (or owner) directly, send them a registered letter with an acknowledgment of receipt describing the facts as accurately as possible. This letter must be attached to documents to support the statements (i.e. legal texts, regulations, invoices, photos, etc.).
  1. Conciliation (Mandatory)
  • If you do not win your case with registered mail, you must initiate conciliation with a conciliator of justice (free process).
  1. Refer the matter to the judge
  • It is necessary to refer the matter to the protection judge of the court on which the rented property depends. It is the judge who determines which of the landlord/owner or tenant will take responsibility for the situation.

What additional amenities can be added to a furnished rental?

The landlord is entitled to complete the furnishings and add decoration to the property in order to improve comfort. The accommodation can be equipped with a washing machine, TV, kettle, coffee maker, food processors, carpets, cushions, mirror, clock, etc.

Linen (i.e. sheets, towels and tea towels) is mandatory as part of a seasonal rental but this is not the case for a classic furnished rental.

Do I have to ask the owner's permission to remove the rented furniture?

The law in France on furnished properties states that without the written consent of the owner, furniture kept during the lease may not be removed. It is essential to store furniture that is not suitable so that it can be put back in its place when the tenant leaves. If the landlord is unwilling or unable to take care of them, the tenant will have to store them in a place where they will not be damaged.

The french ALUR LAW now requires to establish an accurate inventory of furniture and its condition upon the start and end of the lease (even if the furniture is stored elsewhere by the tenant). This document, concluded and signed by both parties, will serve as evidence in case of disappearance of objects or possible damage caused by the tenant, especially if the storage is carried out in a cellar(i.e. the risks of theft, humidity or flooding, etc.). 

Important Note: it is important for the owner to write an inventory indicating that the furniture offered has been removed at the request of the tenant and that this document is signed by the tenant.

Ce qu’il faut retenir :
  • To be considered a furnished property, the place must include certain furniture.
  • In order to improve comfort, other equipment can be added (i.e. mirror, television, carpet, coffee maker, etc.)
  • The law on furnished apartments states that without the written consent of the owner, furniture kept during the rental may not be removed. 
  • It is important for the owner to draw up an inventory indicating that the proposed furniture has been removed at the request of the tenant and that this document is signed by the tenant.

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