How to estimate your property in a sale?

The valuation of a property can be influenced by: 
  • The environment: proximity to transport, schools, shops, 
  • The land: courtyard, garden, parking
  • The location: in the city center, close to the city center, attractiveness of the district
  • The exhibition and the view
  • The type of property: house or apartment
  • The qualities of the property: surface area, number of bedrooms, number of rooms
  • The general condition of the property: new or old, with or without work, year of construction, maintenance
  • Energy performance: this can lower the price because future buyers will have to carry out renovation work

In order to choose the right neighborhood or district in Paris, A1 Real Estate has written an Arrondissement Guide to Paris for you!

Our tool analyzes the latest real estate sales in Paris coming from the databases of notaries, requests for values, and real estate agencies in our networks.

Comparative Analysis
Your property is compared with other properties with similar characteristics recently sold on the market to determine its value. The price is determined by the square meter of the living space or according to the Carrez Law for condominiums. 

Qualitative Analysis
The value of your property depends on its location, its quality of construction, its general condition, and its services (i.e. floor, volume, view, parquet, moldings, fireplace, etc.). These elements can refine the price per m2 as well as a possible increase based on the average price observed in the sector.

Rental Value Analysis
The value of the property is determined according to the rents generated by the rental. After comparison with other rentals, a rent per m2 is calculated and serves as a basis for the evaluation of the property. 

Apparent Market Analysis
This analysis is a real-time picture of similar properties competing in your area. You will then have a precise idea of the volume of competing offers and know your positioning in relation to this competition.

Why have a property valued?

The valuation will make it possible to analyze the true worth of the property through a different point of view from the owner, making it more objective and rational

The real estate expert integrates the “unavoidable” parameters of the market so that the reached estimate remains reliable and leads to the best possible sales condition. 

As part of a real estate sale:   
  • Lets the buyer set an initial asking price upon putting the property on the real estate market
  • Helps the buyer find what needs improvement to possibly increase the value of the property. 

As part of a real estate purchase:
  • Helps the buyer reach a more conclusive decision about the property on sale. 
  • Let the buyer know that the set price is consistent, fair, and interesting.
With regards to A1 Real Estate in Paris, we offer a full comprehensive service for property owners looking to sell their properties at the right price or to manage their properties to be rented from 1 month to 12 months.  For more information, please contact us.

What are the risks of a bad real estate valuation?

An undervalued property will cost the seller money. In order to properly estimate a property, it is essential to know the market price. By consulting a real estate professional, sellers increase their chances of making a quick and fair sale. 

To stand out from the competition, some real estate agents will outbid on the value of housing. The objective is to have a sales mandate signed in their agency rather than with another.

Important Link: What are The Risks in Inaccurate Real Estate Valuations?

What estimates does A1 Real Estate offer?

A1 Real Estate offers two types of valuations:
  • The Classic Estimation
  • The estimate is carried out by one of our real estate experts who will travel to the property for sale and take note of each characteristic. Market benchmarking is carried out by our team in order to set a fair price.
  • Our real estate know-how allows us to establish a personalized, reliable, and detailed valuation report.

  • The Online Estimation
  • An innovative and immersive way to estimate the value of a property using our technological tools. It is enough to collect the specific details of the property via a form that will include its full address, year of construction, surface area, the number of charges per month (if it’s an apartment), etc.), and more. 
  • The second step is to examine the condition of the property to see if it requires more work or if it's good enough to go on the market. 

Does A1 Real Estate offer an estimate as part of a rental?

The Regional and Interdepartmental Directorate of Accommodation and Housing applies rent controls in Paris. It offers a rent reference for rent control in Paris according to the characteristics of the property, its year of construction and its location.

The rent control in Paris applies to all rental contracts in the tenant's main residence from 1 July 2019 and subject to the law of 6 July 1989. The rent control does not concern rental contracts in the tenant's second home or for a company dwelling, that is to say to beauties subject to the Civil Code (Articles 1713 to 1778 of the Civil Code).

With regard to A1 Real Estate, our mainly foreign clientele, in need of professional mobility, relocation, or housing for employees of a company, allows us to offer furnished rental contracts subject to the Civil Code, as part of the rental of a second home or a company housing.

The city of Paris is enforcing the rent control based on the characteristics of the property, its year of construction, and its location. The Paris rent control only concerns a tenant that rents an apartment in Paris as its primary residence. 


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