As an owner, do you want to rent your furnished apartment or pied-à-terre or do you want to sell? A1 Real Estate takes care of everything!

1.How to estimate your property?

A1 Real Estate offers two types of valuations:

The Classic Valuation: The valuation is carried out by one of our real estate experts who will travel to where your property for sale is located and take notes of each characteristic. Market benchmarking is then carried out by our team in order to set a fair price.

Online Valuation: An innovative and immersive way to estimate the value of a property using our technological tools. It is enough to collect the specific details of the property via a form that will include your property's full address, year of construction, the surface area, the surface of the terrace or land (as part of a detached house), and the price of monthly rent (if applicable). 

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2. How to sell your property?

We will carefully prepare, organize and monitor each step of the real estate sale of your home in Paris to ensure a successful transaction.
  1. Meet our expert
  • Valuation of your property
  • Preparation of the sales file
  • Technical diagnostics

  1. Development of your property

  1. Marketing
  • The largest multicast on the market on +120 platforms in France and internationally
  • Reconciliation with the customer file
  • Dissemination of the property on the shared bases of real estate agencies

  1. Visits and negotiation of the property

  1. Accompaniment
  • Follow-up of the file at the notary
  • The signing of the sales agreement
  • Signature of the authentic instrument

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3. How to rent your furnished apartment?

Confidently rent out your furnished apartment in Paris or your pied-à-terre to the best candidate profiles tenants, which will be finely selected by us.

A1 Real Estate verifies each furnished apartment rigorously, according to our criteria, during a visit. We prepare the staging of your apartment with our professional interior designer and photographer.

Finally, we offer you one of the best marketing strategies for your apartment in Paris. We'll feature it on over 100 portals worldwide and via our more than 500 professional partners in France and abroad. 

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4. How to manage your furnished apartment?

Entrusting the rental management of your property in Paris to a real estate agency lets them deal with the administration of your property professionally. The management agent takes care of the time-consuming tasks to relieve the owners of all the stress and hassle, whether they are in France or abroad.

Thanks to the expertise of our agency, our know-how, and our years of experience with furnished apartment rentals in Paris, we can intervene at all stages of the rental and its management for any short-term or long-term rental. This may include:
  • Problem-solving
  • Relations with the co-ownership
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • The small repairs as well as major works

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5. Empty or furnished rental?

Although dealing with an unfurnished property guarantees stability and little management, a furnished rental has its own advantages too. They include:
  • Recover the apartment more easily
  • Less risk
  • Better profitability
  • Higher rent due to additional benefits
  • Advantageous taxation
  • Use a real estate agency for the management of the property

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6. Real estate mandates

A mandate is a contract by which an owner gives an agent particular power over their real estate assets.

In real estate, there are 4 types of mandate: 
  • The Sales Mandate: The owner wishes to sell their property
  • The Search Mandate: Corresponds to someone looking for a property to rent or buyer (future tenants and future buyers)
  • The Rental Mandate: Signed by the owner who wishes to rent their pied-à-terre
  • The Management Mandate: Allows the real estate agent (or real estate negotiator) to manage the owner's property throughout the lease.

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7. What taxation in furnished rentals?

Our real estate agency offers you taxation assistance for your furnished apartment in Paris (for temporary or long-term rental) under the Civil Code Lease, Second Residence Lease, Company Lease, and Mobility Lease for foreign, expatriate, and professional customers.  

Important Link: Taxation in Furnished Rentals

8. Taxation: What is real estate capital gain?

Real estate capital gain corresponds to the remaining difference between the final sale price and the purchase price of the property (the difference between the sale price and the purchase price). 

Real estate capital gains taxable on income apply to:
  • The sale of real estate (house, apartment, or land)
  • The sale of a right or title attached to immovable property 
  • The exchange of goods, sharing, or contribution to society

Important Link: Taxation: Real Estate Capital Gain


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