Our Expertise in
Rental management

Thanks to our expertise, know-how and our strong experience in furnished apartment rentals in Paris, we intervene at all stages of the rental and its management for any short-term or long-term rental: Problem solving, The human relationship with the tenant, customer satisfaction, relations with the condominium, Administrative, rent payment, cleaning, servicing, maintenance, small repairs, major works via our professional stakeholders. Rent your apartment in peace and serenity by entrusting us with your property. 

Selection of tenant profiles

Administrative procedures

Warranty against damage

Entry & exit inventory

Minor works & repairs

Rent management


Cleaning and maintenance

Major works via our stakeholders

Human relationship with the tenant and the co-ownership

Delegating the management of your furnished apartment has new advantages

Better visibility
Privileged access to real estate ad distribution networks on +100 real estate portals around the world for better promotion.

A better choice of tenant
Our rental managers take care of carefully examining the files of each of the suitors and assessing their creditworthiness. 
The objective is to ensure a tenant-owner relationship as serene as possible. 

Less time spent on the administrative management of the property
No more wasting time in recurring administrative tasks. Notice, rent receipt, calculation of regularizations of charges, rent reviews, water damage, co-ownership trustee relationship, insurance, and works.

Full compliance
Managing an apartment, a house, a commercial premises or a real estate portfolio requires solid legal and real estate knowledge.


"It is the set of operations that allow the administration of a rental property"

Entrusting the rental management of your property to a real estate agency is a possible solution for many owners. 
Depending on your geographical or personal location, the time you will have to devote to your property and your tenant, it is possible to entrust this task to  an agency that will take care of the administration of this property.

Rental management consists of entrusting the administration of your property to a management agent, a practice that relieves landlords of the administrative tasks related to renting. Discover all the stages of rental management for the rental and the administrative and financial management of your property. 

Owners solicit agents to entrust them with the property management of their property or rental. Landlords are then free to manage one or more real estate, whether housing, commercial or professional premises, as well as car parks. 

> Real estate mandates

By entrusting the rental management of your property to a qualified professional, the agent becomes the intermediary between the tenants and you.

The benefits of property administration are not just limited to saving time and energy. Indeed, property management requires legal knowledge and a good mastery of the local real estate market.     

The support of a rental management professional therefore ensures that owners systematically bring their property up to standard in the face of changes in legislation and avoids financial risks. 

How does rental management work?

Rental Management is first of all à la carte, according to your needs:
Just tell us the services you would like and then, our team will adapt according to them. 

Different stages are then established during a rental management of a property.

A management mandate will then be carried out and you will sign with the property manager of the real estate agency. The management  mandate is a contract authorizing a real estate professional to manage your real estate assets. This contract will mention all the tasks you delegate to it and accurately describe your real estate assets.      

The terms of the rental management mandate are agreed between the landlord and the property manager and mention the basic rules:
  • A rental management mandate cannot exceed a period of 30 years. 
  • The remuneration of the agent is mentioned on the mandate (percentage of rents and provisions actually received, excluding security deposit).
  • The agent receives rental fees according to the legislation in force.

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