What permissions should I ask the owner?

In the context of a rented property, both the owner and the tenant have rightsobligations and authorizations to request.  

When we talk about an application for authorization, it mainly concerns a request for work, request for sublease, request to install fiber and requests relating to furniture kept as part of the furnished rental

It is necessary to carry out some work, current, in order to maintain the property. This work is distributed at the expense of the owner or tenant.
As a reminder, some works do not require the request for authorizations.

The tenant therefore has the right to replace carpet or wallpaper, to put a shelf or to drill holes to fix furniture or paintings if he fills them when leaving. The landlord cannot oppose or demand the restoration of the premises at the end of the lease.
  1.  Due to a loss of autonomy or disability.

For these tenants, a request must be sent to the landlord. But if the latter does not respond within 2 months, they then have the right to carry out the work themselves (at their expense), and the lessor will not be able to demand the restoration of the premises when they leave (law n ° 2015-1776 of December 28, 2015).

2.For persons wishing to carry out energy renovation work. 

The rule that applies is the same as that reserved for tenants with disabilities or facing a loss of autonomy: without response from the landlord within 2 months, the work can be undertaken by the tenants and the silence of the owner is worth acceptance.

Be careful, however: only certain types of energy renovation work listed in a decree published on July 21
2022 are concerned.

These are:
  • Insulation of low floors, attics and attic ceilings
  • Work to replace exterior joinery
  • Sun protection work on glass or opaque walls
  • Installation or replacement of a ventilation system
  • Installation or replacement of a heating and domestic hot water production system and associated interfaces
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