What is roommates?

A roommate is a person that a tenant shares the rental property with. Both individuals (and other roommates) consider the property as their principal residence, making them all official tenants, and sign the proper lease for it. The principal residence lease can either take the form of a single lease signed by all roommates or multiple contracts signed by one roommate each. 

In both cases, the flatshare obeys specific rules and legal frameworks.

Like any rental unit, all roommates are asked to take out home insurance. Moreover, each tenant can apply for housing assistance from the CAF or the MSA.

In terms of financial guarantees, it's common for the owner/landlord to ask each roommate (or their respective guarantors) to prove that they earn an income at least 3 times higher than the price of rent. At the same time, a guarantor can cover several tenants at once.

In the case of a student/employee flatshare. The Boutin Law prohibits the accumulation of insurance and guarantors. Therefore, the employee must justify the solvency required by your contract on their own. 

Important Note: Fixed-term contracts are not accepted under the principal residence lease. 
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