Buy your dream property with A1 REAL ESTATE.

Let us guide you. After defining your budget, your needs and desires, we offer you properties to visit and we accompany you in the steps of the purchase offer - until the passage to the notary and much more!

Selling a Property

We use the best of technology (HD Photos & 3D Virtual Tour) for a better enhancement of your property and we ensure the best visibility of the market through 120+ real estate portals worldwide and nearly 500+ real estate professionals in France and abroad. 


The valuation of your property will be done by a comparative and qualitative study of the market, access to notary databases, partner valuation tools and local real estate expertise.

Renting A Property

Our expertise includes knowledge of the various types of rental leases in France. These even include the mobility lease, the civil code lease, primary & secondary residence leases, and more. With our help, you can get the right deal and contract to earn a new home in Paris.

Renting Out Your Property

You can rent out your apartment in Paris to the best tenants out there. With access to our profile of potential candidates, we can find you the perfect people that will take care of and consider your real estate as their home.

Managing Your Property

Once the lease is signed, we will also help with the rental management of your property. This includes handling rental payments, doing repairs, undertaking maintenance, assisting the tenants, dealing with the co-ownership association, and establishing constant communication between the tenant and the property owner. 


Our Expertise

Our qualified experts are here to assist you whenever you need them. Be it estimating your property, marketing it for sale, or doing all the grunt work in purchasing real estate, we're here to help you in any and every way we can.

Global Visibility

When you want to sell your property with us, rest assured that we can distribute it to our vast real estate network. Your place will be featured in over 100+ of the most prestigious property portals and platforms in France and around the world.

Collaborative Real Estate

Whether you're selling or renting out your property, we'll also let our partner apartment hunters, luxury concierges, and asset managers know about your available real estate. With our help, you no longer need to contact several real estate agencies. Our network can get you to them in a flash!

Expert Marketing

More than just getting your property out there, we'll also market your place in every way we can. We can capture your property in high-quality images, set up 3D virtual tours, and host visiting parties for anyone interested to see it.

Sponsorship offer

If you were satisfied with our services, you can recommend us to others that in need of professional real estate help. We'd express our gratitude to you for your loyalty and sponsorship.

Property Concierge

We will also serve as the real estate concierge for your property. We'll provide assistance in moving, getting home insurance, establishing wifi connection, doing some necessary renovation work, working out financing solutions, and offering up tax and legal advice.

Our team invites you to take a look at our newspaper where many articles are published to answer your questions. 

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