Discover The Benefits of A Virtual Tour

What is virtual reality?

A virtual tour in real estate is developed from high-quality 360° photos. It's a new type of technology often used to display furnished properties in Paris that are currently on the market. Virtual tours are used in new parisian real estate, mostly as a new state-of-the-art way of marketing. 

With this technology, you can get a good picture of your parisian property. It helps you interact with the surroundings even if you're not physically there. And through this digital “displacement”, you can further understand the layout and floor plan of the real estate. 

Moreover, a real estate agent can present you with different possible arrangements and orientations for the property (i.e. addition or removal of partitions, flooring, colors of the walls, the position of the furniture, etc.).


What are the advantages ?

A potential buyer visits an average of five properties in Paris before finding the right one to purchase. These visits are not always easy to organize as desired real estate in Paris is not always located nearby. With a virtual tour (via virtual reality), you can explore some of these properties digitally.

Nevertheless, virtual tours will probably not replace physical visits to the apartment for sale in Paris. You still need to see the real estate yourself, get the feeling, absorb the ambiance, and even get a good picture of the location (i.e. neighbors, nearby facilities, etc.). But a virtual tour can still help you make a first selection. This way, you don't have to rush your physical visit, and saves you time & money from making too many appointments. 

You can also take your time to visit without being jostled by the agent or seller, which makes for a better mental space for truly seeing the property on your own. 


Why Get A Virtual Tour?

For sellers, a virtual tour can maximize your chances of selling your property quickly. Professionals always recommend tidying up your home. However, it is not always easy to keep the apartment or house in perfect condition. In turn, sellers are sometimes forced to leave their residences during a visit.

By choosing the virtual tour, you can ensure that both the seller and the buyer save a lot of time. Visits to the property will be made only because the buyer has already appreciated the property beforehand, so they just want to confirm their decisions. The use of an exclusive mandate is also carried out during your contract with your agency that allows you to obtain the images and have a right of inspection over them. 

Virtual reality solutions in Paris real estate continue to evolve and provide more realistic and immersive results. In a few years, it may be possible to move virtually while activating senses other than just sight.

You can find one of our examples of using our Matterport 3D virtual tours.

For more information, you can contact us.

Virtual tour

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