What are the steps to sell a property?

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What are the steps to sell a property?

Are you about to make your first real estate sale? It is never easy to put a property for sale in which you have lived for several years, a property that you care about. 
Before even selling a property, you have to decide on the process of sale: sell alone or go through a real estate agency.

You may consider selling your home alone, with a simple mandate or through a real estate agency, by exclusive mandate or by simple mandate.

> The seller's guide

1.Estimated selling price

Your property for sale is compared with other properties with similar characteristics recently sold on the market in order to determine its value. The price is determined by the square meter of living space or according to the Carrez Law for condominiums

The value of the property depends on its advantages, its location, its quality of construction, its general condition, and its services (floor, volume, view, parquet, moldings, fireplace etc ...). These elements make it possible to refine the price per m2 as well as possible based on the average price observed in the sector.

2.La sale 

This is the time to repair defective equipment, repaint faded walls, declutter rooms, etc. The idea is to highlight all the assets of a property in order to make its sale as soon as possible and justify its price; this is called Home Staging.

This is the time to prepare all the necessary documents for the sale, such as mandatory real estate diagnostics.

The DDT (Technical Diagnostics File) is an important element in order to get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the property.
There will be a total of 9 diagnoses that will be mandatory and that you must protect yourself upstream.
1)Energy performance diagnosis (DPE), except in the case of the sale of a dwelling in the future state of completion (Véfa) 
2)Finding of risk of exposure to lead (Crep) 
3)State mentioning the presence or absence of asbestos  
4)State of the indoor electricity installation if the installation is more than 15 years old 
5)State of the indoor gas installation if the installation is more than 15 years old 
6)Condition of the non-collective sanitation facility (only for single-family houses)  
7)Termite status
8) State of risks and pollution (natural, mining, technological, seismic, radon...) 
9)Noise diagnosis 

3.Announcement and visits 

Photographs are very important, they should not be blurred because they allow future buyers to project themselves. Images should also be well framed and bright. 

Since 1 January 2011, the energy and climate labels of the energy performance diagnosis must appear in the announcement.

> Remember to prepare all documents on the condition of the dwelling before the real estate visit.

Editor's note : A1 Real Estate takes care of everything as part of rental management.
  • Performing diagnostics
  • Writing of the ad and distribution on + 120 real estate portals
  • Professional photos and videos
  • Selecting tenant profiles
  • Organization and planning of visits
  • Administrative
  • Guarantee against damage
  • Entry & exit inventory
  • Small jobs & repairs
  • Rent management
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Major work via our stakeholders
  • Human relationship with the tenant and the condominium

4.Sign the sales agreement
The compromise recalls the sale price, the lots purchased, the surfaces, the diagnoses and all the elements related to the housing while specifying the terms of purchase: long sale, conditions precedent, etc.

A withdrawal period of 10 days is provided for by law without justification. This period allows the purchaser to think before committing. Withdrawal is still possible after these 10 days but entails the payment of penalties: payment of agency fees for example.

It is a commitment where the seller undertakes to sell his property and where the buyer undertakes to acquire it.

If it is a promise to sell, then it only binds the seller. In return, the future buyer must pay 10% of the sale price.

5.Sign the authentic deed of sale
The deed of sale must take the form of an authentic deed drawn up by a notary.

If you use two notaries (one for the seller and a second for the buyer), the National Agency for Housing Information (ANIL) indicates that the notaries of the seller and the buyer "share the fees, without the cost being higher. ".

At the end of the signing of the deed of sale, the notary will hand over certificates of ownership allowing administrative procedures to begin (subscription of gas, water, electricity, insurance contract, etc.). 
Indeed, the notary must register the deed of sale with the land registration service. Then, the notary receives in return the copy of the authentic deed stamped by the tax authorities. This document constitutes your title deed and is kept for 100 years by the notary office before being entrusted to the departmental archives service.

What are the pitfalls to avoid?

  • Incorrect estimate of the selling price
  • Forget the principles of Home Staging
  • Staying closed in terms of negotiations
  • Trying to hide flaws 
  • Multiply sales mandates
The purchaser must receive certain specific documents when selling a condominium :

What legal and technical information does the seller need to provide?

  • The seller must inform of the existence of easements (passage, view, drainage of water), mortgages, liens or other charges (e.g. advertising display contract)
  • The seller of building land, on which the purchaser has indicated his intention to build a building (residential use or residential and professional use), must inform the purchaser if a demarcation has been made, he must inform him about the applicable urban planning rules and the possibilities of construction
Ce qu’il faut retenir :
The different steps are: 
1.Price estimation
2. Listing
3. Announcement and visits
4. Sign the sales agreement
5. Sign the authentic deed of sale

Be careful, however, some pitfalls are to be avoided: 
  • Incorrect estimate of the selling price
  • Forget the principles of Home Staging
  • Staying closed in terms of negotiations
  • Trying to hide flaws 
  • Multiply sales mandates

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