When should I give leave to my tenant?

As an owner, it is possible to give leave to his locataire In order for him to leave the premises on the expiry date of the lease contract only, it is impossible to give him leave at any time. For this it is imperative to respect a notice period to inform tenants:

• 3 months as part of a furnished rental;
• 6 months as part of an empty rental.

Unlike a termination resulting from the will of the tenant, the landlord must justify by certain reasons the termination of the lease contract to be considered valid :
 • The reason must be considered "legitimate and serious" to recover the housing, such as non-compliance with its obligations (unpaid, neighborhood disturbance, ...)  ;
 • The reason may correspond to an occupation of the dwelling in a personal capacity or a relative establishing his main residence there;
 • The reason may be the sale of the occupied property.
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