Rental agency fees

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Rental agency fees

Rental : Agency fees

By going through a real estate professional to rent a property, there will be talk about their fees. The costs should include a lot of their tasks, ranging from conducting an inventory of the property to drafting the lease. With that said,  what exactly is the correct amount for renting a place through an agency?

A cap on agency fees imposed and regulated by the ALUR law

When you hire a real estate agency to help you rent a property, you will have to pay their agent fees. There are no fixed amounts for this. They depend solely on the agency and will cover most of their tasks. Typically, however, the common agency fees depend on the geographical area and size of the property that you will rent. The latter is commonly around €3.00/ m². The various services rendered are also included. For example, in conducting the mandatory inventory at the start (and end) of the lease, the tenant has to pay for both tasks

Table of fee schedules framed in agency

The obligation to inform the real estate professional

According to the ALUR Law, real estate agencies are required to the costs incurred by their clients (the tenant). This transparency was mandated by the Decree of January 10, 2017. And since April 1st of that same year, real estate agency ads have included how much their services will cost. 

In addition to informing clients about the cost of their fees, real estate agencies should be transparent about the property in question, including:
  • Whether it's furnished or not.
  • Price of the monthly rent (adjusted for recoverable charges).
  • Price of recoverable expenses (if applicable).
  • Any additional rent that's required.
  • Amount of the Security Deposit.

Ce qu’il faut retenir :
  • The cost of agency fees depends on the services that the client benefited from the agency. 
  • By law, real estate agencies are required to be transparent about the costs incurred by their clients.

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