What to do in case of non-payment?

  • The causes of non-payment can be numerous (unemployment, illness, over-indebtedness, etc.)
  • The aim is to create dialogue and find an amicable solution.
  • Rent is considered unpaid from the moment payment is made after the date fixed on the lease.
  • 3 phases of declaration of unpaid rent
  • There are solutions to help tenants (APL, FSL, unpaid rent insurance, etc.)
  • Owners have several recourses in case of non-payment (appeal to guarantors, bailiff, justice, action to housing)

At A1 Real Estate, we see that owners are reluctant to rent their apartment due to certain abuses and far too long steps. 

(Editor's note : Following a command to leave the dwelling issued by the judge of the district court, the tenant has a legal period of 2 months to leave the premises.    He also has one month to appeal the judgment. But before going before the judge, the months can be long)
  • A1 Real Estate takes into account all the provisions, and guarantees, in order to carefully choose the best files and profiles. These files are eligible with guarantee organizations, rental guarantors such as our partner garantme.fr, in order to eliminate any risk of non-payment.
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